Notes about running EIF WebReports:
Click here to return to the report screen
  1. To Select a Municipality, click on the drop-down arrow to open the drop-down municipality listing, then type the first letter of the municipality’s name. This will take you to that letter’s section of the alphabetical municipality listing. From there, scroll down to the municipality that you want to select.
  2. You can run a WebReport either for one project at a time, or you can select "ALL" projects that the municipality has, to run one report for each of the municipality’s projects at one time. If you are running a report for more than one project, the reports will appear as multiple pages that you can view individually by clicking the arrow button at the top of the screen or you can print all the pages at one time. Note, however, you can only select one municipality at a time. The "ALL" option will appear in the Select Project(s) drop-down box.
  3. You can only run one type of report at one time. You can run that one report, however, for multiple projects at one time if the municipality has more than one project.
  4. The WebReports cannot be run for a date in the future. i.e. they cannot predict additional loan or grant disbursements that will be made on a project in the future or loan repayment schedules that will change as additional loan disbursements are made in the future
  5. If the WebReports are being run as of the current date, and the municipality has a loan/grant disbursement that is currently being processed by the EIF, certain reports may include the disbursement amount that is in process. You can avoid this situation by selecting an "as of" date for the WebReport, that is at least 8 days prior to the EIF loan disbursement date which is typically the 2nd or 4th Wednesday of each month.
  6. Since 1991, a small number of municipalities have had amendments to their Financial Assistance Agreement for a specific project. For projects that have amended Financial Assistance Agreements, the information fields (not data fields) on historic WebReports for dates prior to the amendment date may not reflect the information that was changed by the amendment. This does not affect the basic loan data relating to loan disbursements, loan interest and principal payments and loan balance.
  7. Due to rounding conventions used in the EIF WebReports, there may be slight differences between the WebReport Payment Schedule and the actual future payment billing. This difference will typically not exceed 1 cents for any one payment.